Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. is made up of a team of dedicated, passionate individuals who desire to see our local communities thrive and the people that live in them succeed.

As we lead, participate in, and facilitate neighborhood improvement projects, we focus on building power at the neighborhood level. Our goal is to work alongside existing leadership and community members to ensure outcomes that are in the best interest of those most closely affected. We don’t stand in the spotlight but “backstage” in support of others.

Our Team

Steve Barlow


Corey Davis

Staff Attorney

Margaret Haltom

Program Supervisor

Imani Jasper

Program Manager

Quincy Jones

Director of Programs

Judith Maina

Director of Operations

Micheale Merritt

Office Manager

Timothy Netter-Echols

Property Manager

Michelle Wilson

Community Liaison

Vincent Sawyer

Staff Attorney

Consultants and Advisors

Mary Baker

Master Gardener/Urban Planner

Beth Flanagan

Government Relations/Lobbying

Sheila Jordan Cunningham

Special Counsel/Problem Properties

Kimberly Lind


Our Board

Paul Morris, Chairman

Ron Belz

George Cates

Kevin Crutcher

Bobbi Gillis

Jeffrey Higgs

Kenya Hooks

Sarah Jemison

Lisa Klesges

Jason Wexler

Kevin Woods

Yousef Valine