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Housing code enforcement—administering and enforcing housing codes that are designed to ensure safe and habitable housing conditions—is one of the primary strategies for connecting and improving our housing and our health.

However, housing code enforcement is often structured to alleviate immediate safety concerns or easily visible problems rather than addressing and improving the longer-term health of residents. And enforcement agencies often work separately from public health organizations, making it difficult to work across sectors to solve interrelated problems.

Researchers at the Urban Institute and Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. (a nonprofit in Memphis) recently conducted a case study of the topic in Memphis Tennessee. They identified several opportunities to better target and coordinate the city’s housing code enforcement function and county public health enforcement responsibilities in Memphis and beyond.

If you would like to connect directly with the authors about their research on housing code enforcement and public health, please email Christina Stacy at

The full text of the report can be found at the link below.

Strategic Housing Code Enforcement and Public Health Report