Frequently Asked Questions

What does NPI stand for?

Neighborhood Preservation, Inc.

What projects does NPI do?

Working with our invaluable network of partners, we reduce blighted properties, improve neighborhood health and revitalize communities.

Will NPI buy my property?

No, but we can help direct you to someone who might.

Will NPI help us get a blighted property?

Yes, if your plan aligns with our mission, we have the relationships and know-how to connect you to potential sellers.

Is NPI the same as the NPA Clinic at the law school?

Absolutely not. NPA stands for Neighborhood Preservation Act. To learn more about the clinic, follow this link:

What can I do about blighted properties in my neighborhood?

The first thing you should do is contact BEST, the Blight Elimination Steering Committee. They are the first line of defense in determining and acting upon blighted properties in a neighborhood.

What neighborhoods do you work in?

We work all across the city and county.

Does NPI give grant funds?

No, NPI Is not a grant making entity.

Can NPI help me find affordable rental housing?

Through our partners we can certainly direct you to some options.

Does NPI do minor home repairs?

We don’t, but we work with code enforcement to determine what needs to be done.

How is NPI funded?

NPI is a privately funded, non-profit organization.

What does NPI mean by blighted properties and how are we affecting change?

Blighted properties can mean vacant and abandoned properties that have fallen into disrepair. We are affecting change by building a registry of these such properties and creating action plans to improve upon these properties.

How do I partner with NPI? Who do I contact?

We are always looking for partners to help us fight blight. Please contact for more information to partner.

How do I become a qualified buyer?

To learn about how to become a qualified buyer, visit our guide here.