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Emergency Rental Assistance

Eviction Settlement Program

By November 1, 2020April 5th, 2022No Comments

The City of Memphis and Shelby County have partnered to fund an Eviction Settlement Program (ESP) for residents of Shelby County who are facing eviction because of the coronavirus pandemic and have nowhere to go if evicted. If you qualify and if a settlement is reached with your landlord, the program could make a payment directly to your landlord with program funds.

You must meet both of the following requirements:

  • You have received an eviction notice.
  • You are renting your home or apartment.

and have experienced at least one of the following:

  • Your job or doctor has told you to stay home because of COVID-19.
  • You’ve lost income/work caring for a family member due to their illness from COVID-19.
  • Your child’s school or daycare has been closed due to COVID-19.

Step 1: Check to see if you qualify for the CDC’s Eviction Declaration

You may qualify for the CDC’s Eviction Declaration, protecting you from eviction. See if you qualify and generate a letter stating your rights. It is very important that you deliver a signed copy to your landlord and to the court if you have an eviction case. If you do so, you cannot be evicted before January 2021, even if a judge rules against you in court.

Step 2: Submit ESP application

If you meet the ESP eligibility requirements above, click the button below to apply for support. If you have any questions or cannot fill out the application online, call 211 for assistance or text “home901” to 21000.

If you have any of the following documents, it will be helpful during intake. If not, don’t worry!

  • Your lease, if you have one
  • An eviction notice or eviction letter from your landlord
  • A civil warrant or court order
  • Your case number in court

Step 3: Make sure to check email and submit follow-up documentation

Once you complete your application, you will be asked to sign additional documents, complete a CDC Declaration, and schedule a call with a clerk to finalize your application. Please keep a close eye on your email and respond to any requests in a timely manner so that we are able to help you

Step 4: If you qualify, a lawyer will be assigned to your case at no cost to you

If you qualify, a lawyer will work with you and on your behalf to find a resolution to your case, with the goal of enabling you to stay in your apartment or house. If a monetary settlement is reached, payments will be made directly to your landlord.

Read more and apply at