Neighborhood Preservation, Inc.

Neighborhood Preservation, Inc. was founded in 2012 by a group of Memphis’s economic and community development leaders. The organization, which is a privately funded, tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit, was conceived out the recognition that citizens and local government needed a more aggressive and focused private-sector partner to work on the complex legal issues around blight abatement and move nuisance properties back into productive use.

Blighted properties are not only unproductive as tax-generating properties – they have a substantial depressing effect on other properties and parcels in their vicinity. Every blighted property that NPI can help demolish or renovate leads to substantial and immediate economic gains for local government.

With some 13,000 vacant or blighted properties within the city limits, the scale of the problem – and the opportunity it presents – is immense.



Strategic litigation

Working with code enforcement officers, neighborhood leaders, businesses, and other stakeholders to identify problem properties and use innovative legal strategies to compel their demolition, repair, or title transfer.


Blight is a legal issue, and NPI works with lawmakers, policy-makers, elected officials, and their staff to reform existing policies or enact new ones – at the state and local levels – that make blight remediation faster and simpler. This includes advocating for increased resources for relevant local and state agencies, as well as fixes to existing laws that will make them clearer and more functional for all parties.



When appropriate and necessary, NPI is able to serve as a temporary custodian of property, upon appointment by the Shelby County Environmental Court. In this capacity, NPI works to secure properties and prepare them for sale to reputable owners/developers that can restore them to productive, profitable use.


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